Cause of Joy

by Ellison Turner

These poems are a product of grief and at least partial recovery. They are made of memories, dreams, emotions, and remembered reactions to events. Most were written as contributions to the Live Poets Society at Christ Church, St. Simons Island.


Ellison Turner was born in a textile mill village near Greenville, SC in 1929, to parents who were only recently farm dwellers, their parents having moved there as part of the migration to the mill that took place in the early part of the twentieth century in that part of the country. The most memorable event about the year of his birth is the October stock market crash. Turner attended local public schools and graduated from the University of South Carolina but was then immediately drafted into the Army where he served in Korea and Japan. After a brief taste of civilian life he decided to return to the Army serving this time for eighteen years. In retirement he has worked primarily as a high school teacher. Along the way he met and married the love of his life; they have six children. In 1997 he and his wife Eleonore moved to St Simons Island, where he plans to remain and to leave his remains.