by Peter Milward SJ

Peter Milward's Mary is a brilliant meditation on the hidden Gospel of Mary enabling us to see her as we never have before. Evocative as it is imaginative, charming as it is learned, Milward recounts the familiar narrative of gospel events in which Mary plays her illustrious part, enriching each episode with fresh insights, surprising analogies, rich cultural histories, and lively etymologies. --Angela Alaimo O'Donnell, author of Mortal Blessings: A Sacramental Farewell

Mary might seem elusive and enigmatic to contemporary believers. But Peter Milward, SJ, affirms that she and her place are seen throughout the New Testament in her typically feminine inspiration, allied with yet subordinate to that of the Holy Spirit. Referring extensively and exclusively to the New Testament, he presents her not only as Mother of Jesus but also as, among other images, Second Eve with Jesus as Second Adam, and Mother of God. Milward's rich book makes a compelling case for Mary as Mother of the Church, drawing from Simeon's prophesy in the temple and from her suffering at the foot of the cross. By the end of this lovely work, the reader will agree with Father Milward that angels appear to human beings, but never with such words of high praise as with Mary. --James Martin, SJ, author of Jesus: A Pilgrimage

Father Milward has given us another jewel to add to our treasure of meditations. With erudition that always seems to startle, and a voice that never fails to charm, this little volume dedicated entirely to Mary may be his most grace-filled, his gentlest, and perhaps his finest. It is a delight. --Dena Hunt, author of the award-winning novel, Treason