The Enclosed Garden

Peter Milward's literary masterpiece, The Enclosed Garden, is a sequel to his epical A Poem of the New Creation. It combines the ideal of Paradise in Solomon's "The Song of Songs" with the magnificent poetic magic of the "pleasure-dome" in "Kubla Khan." As the Biblical setting for the contemplative life, so essential for both religious Jews and Christians, it provides everything that is seriously lacking in the active secular and materialist life of modern Jewish and Christian society.


—DR. PETER J. STANLIS, Distinguished Professor of Humanities Emeritus, Rockford College

Father Milward is a phenomenon. As one of the world's foremost Shakespeare scholars, he demands respect; as a poet, he deserves the highest praise; as a mystic he desires God in the everyday things of life; and as a biblical scholar, he has more than half a century of experience as a Jesuit priest as the wellspring for his theological insights. In this volume, the scholar, the poet and the mystic serve as a triune voice guiding us through the depths and splendours of the Old Testament. Such is the beauty of Father Milward's pilgrimage through scripture that this book can almost be considered a shrine.


—JOSEPH PEARCE, biographer, writer-in-residence and associate professor
of literature, Ave Maria University