This beautifully realized work of Christian spirituality is an innovative and inviting way to pray with the Old and New Testaments. By providing brief but moving commentaries for important Scripture passages, Peter Milward, SJ, will help to unlock for you the treasures of the Bible, and, like a trusted friend and wise teacher, will accompany you through the story of our salvation history.

James Martin, SJauthor of The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything.


I first came across the redoubtable Jesuit critic and scholar Peter Milward years ago when I’d stumbled upon a splendid study he’d done on Shakespeare. Not long after there were works on Hopkins and Eliot that, equally elegant and incisive, convinced me that here was the real deal. And now that I’m told he’s in retirement, I should like to see some proof since the amazing output appears entirely unabated by either age or condition. How does he do it? His latest, the last in a series of Biblical meditations on each of the Divine Persons, is on the Holy Spirit, the warmth of whose Pentecostal fire illumines

every page of this marvelous and learned book. Read it and see

if the juices of your own spirit do not begin to stir.

Regis Martin, S.T.D., Professor of Theology,

Franciscan University,Steubenville,Ohio